Pool Opening

(2 Visit Opening vs. 1 Visit)

JPS offers different opening packages based on your needs

Full Opening Includes:

• Removal, cleaning and folding of pool cover
• Reinstall of pool and deck equipment
• Re-assembly of pumps, filter, heater, chlorinator and plumbing
• Hose off deck area surrounding the pool
• Pool debris will be bagged and taken to curb
• Pool will be started up at the time of opening if your pool is filled half way up the skimmer mouth, otherwise start-up charge is $85
• Prime and start filtration system
• Shock pool

Partial Opening/Removal of Debris and Equipment Start-up:

• Cover already removed and water level up
• Start up filtration system & check for plumbing leaks in filter equipment
• Removal of debris at bottom of pool
• Thoroughly brush pool bottom & skim pool surface
• Chlorinate the pool